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Marketing Tip #1: Embrace the Classics – Traditional media remains a vast and trusted avenue to recruit foster care parents. Incorporate traditional marketing channels into your campaigns to capture a wider audience and fuel the top of your funnel.

Marketing Tip #2: Master the Digital Realm – Invest in digital advertising to generate leads and boost your agency’s visibility online. Utilize pay-per-click ads to launch foster care parent recruiting campaigns, seek potential volunteers and promote a fundraising effort or special event.

Marketing Tip #3: Elevate User Experience – Foster care agency websites can be complex and include myriad information. But remember – what do potential foster care parents need to know (not what your program managers want them to see). Create an impactful website design that prioritizes user experience (UX) to generate more leads, including more donations. Offer a seamless browsing experience and add value through lead capture forms.

Marketing Tip #4: Reign Over Search Engines – Harness the power of search engine optimization (SEO) to drive traffic to your agency’s website. Implement on-page and off-page optimizations that improve your ranking and attract future foster care parents, volunteers and donors.

Marketing Tip #5: Forge Personal Connections – Use email marketing nurture campaigns to connect with your audiences. For example, share with potential foster care parents what kind of help they would receive from your agency. Or engage donors in a Giving Tuesday campaign. Craft a personalized content series that progressively engages these audiences, leading them toward meaningful action.

Marketing Tip #6: Insights for Success – When was the last time you conducted market research and surveyed your audiences? Do you have a baseline of how your stakeholders feel? This data will empower you to make informed decisions about market position, foster care recruitment, programming, fundraising, and effective promotion strategies.

Marketing Tip #7: Cherish Relationships – Cultivate strong bonds with foster families and supporters as a core strategy. Celebrate agency milestones, maintain personalized contact with donors, and offer unique experiences exclusively designed for them.

Marketing Tip #8: Social Media Mastery – Amplify your agency’s reach and listen to your audience through strategic social media efforts. Develop purpose-driven content, thank your donors and volunteers, feature agency leadership and longtime team members. Utilize social listening to gain insights about your audiences and competition.

Marketing Tip #9: Conversions Unleashed – Drive conversions by hosting marketing and sales events. Consider organizing lunch and learns, tours, or special events to nurture foster care parents, volunteers and donors.

When you implement these marketing tips, your foster care parent recruiting will unlock its full potential, expanding its reach and impact on the lives of those you serve.