Foster care ad campaign - african american foster family baking together

You’ve launched your foster care parent recruitment ad campaign. But maybe you’re not getting the leads you had expected. Do you know what to do next and how to adjust your campaign? 

There’s a popular saying often attributed to management expert Peter Drucker, “What gets measured gets managed.” At Grove9, we agree, but with a twist. We like to say, “What matters gets measured.” Said another popular way, “You must inspect what you expect.” 

For every campaign you launch – whether it’s focused on foster care parent recruitment, fundraising or really any activity of significance without measurement – is an exercise in futility. As humans, we are wired to get better. If you want to grow your foster care parent pool, you must measure.

Without this vital step, it’s impossible to accurately gauge progress and success. And, we would assert, much more difficult to reach your full potential as an organization and to ultimately reach youth in need. 

So, how can you measure the success of your foster care parent ad campaign?

There are two primary measurement devices we utilize – quantitative and qualitative.

  1. Quantitative (numerical) measurements are pretty straightforward: clicks, followers, subscribers, open rates, shares, likes, cost-per-click, impressions, etc.
  2. Qualitative research metrics include awareness of your agency, competitors, and stakeholders’ (foster care parents, volunteers, donors, partners) perceptions and feelings. These are best measured through surveys, interviews, and one-on-one interactions. 

In simple terms, quantitative deals with numbers, and qualitative data is expressed in words.

There are dozens of metrics you could use to measure your foster care parent ad campaign. A quick search into the topic leaves many people overwhelmed with acronyms: PPC, CPC, ROAS, CPA, CPL, CTR, MQL (and more!), and stuck in indecision. These analytics are important, but it’s a lot to gather and understand initially.

To help get you unstuck, we recommend focusing on just a few high-level numbers. Simply track these, and you will progress toward success in attaining new foster care parents in no time.


  • Leads
  • Conversions
  • Traffic
  • Engagement
  • Cost
  • Net Promoter Score


  • Awareness
  • Perception
  • Preferences