branding & logo design

Clarify your brand to stand out from the crowd and increase your profits and impact.

More than pretty pictures – A clear, compelling brand and logo will position you for success and grow your bottom line.

Did you know a confusing brand and generic logo could is costing your organization time and money? At Grove9, we have been clarifying brands for mission-driven Wichita companies and nonprofits for over 20 years. Unlike other Wichita, KS logo design agencies who often get the cart-before-the-horse, we never develop creative for creative’s sake. We believe a clear brand platform and messaging must be at the heart of every successful logo and organization.

Brand Strategy

When strategy meets purpose, an organization’s brand can connect on a compelling level with its audience. A well-crafted brand makes a business easily recognizable, builds a sense of ownership within its audience, and elevates itself from the competition. Our brand strategy approach includes comprehensive industry analysis, innovative storytelling, and inventive design to hone your unique brand platform. The work of an on-brand and on-mission organization can change the world, and we want to help you achieve this goal.

Logos & Visual Identity

Your logo is more than just art. It should strengthen your brand and embody your mission. Aside from your name, it is often the first impression your audience experiences about you. Grove9 has been a leader in Wichita logo design for over 20 years. We believe your logo serves as a key element of your visual identity. While it’s no small feat to convey your organization’s brand in a single image, our designers possess the technical and artistic experience to translate your organizational identity into a distinct and memorable entity that will strengthen your brand for years to come.

Brand Standards & Brand Voice

When we build your brand strategy, we will establish guidelines for the usage of your logo, brand colors, and typography. These guidelines will help maintain the graphic integrity of your brand and should be steadfastly followed. Your brand voice is the distinct tone your brand conveys through all its communications – from a social media post to a PPC ad and everything in between. Your voice should be based on your mission and values and should speak to your audience in a singular way that others do not. Your organization and brand will become synonymous when you maintain consistent brand standards and voice.

Collateral & Design

Your brand can be effectively conveyed through marketing collateral. We will evaluate and recommend the best content delivery strategy for your organization, such as brochures, sales packets, newsletters, direct mail and more. With attention-grabbing design and valuable content, marketing collateral can help you further achieve brand recognition and loyalty, as well as educate your audiences about your products and services and generate leads.

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