marketing strategy

The single most important step to growing your revenue and increasing your impact.

Success starts with strategy.

Many organizations we speak with tell us they don’t have a strategic plan for their marketing efforts. Sound familiar? They frantically treat the presenting symptoms without building an integrated plan for success. As an experienced Wichita ad agency, we know that guesswork rarely works.

Our experience in Wichita nonprofit marketing and Dallas nonprofit marketing has taught us that a clear brand and integrated strategy get results every time.

360º Brand Survey™

Our belief in objective data sets our work apart – making our work unique from other Wichita advertising agencies or Dallas advertising agencies. Successful strategy starts with solid data. The first step of our Lean Marketing Plan™ is the 360º Brand Survey™. It’s a deep dive into your company, your audience, and your competition. We poll internal and external stakeholders to build a baseline and discover their perceptions, needs, and preferences. This is the first and most important step toward clarifying your unique brand platform and crafting a plan for growth.

Lean Marketing Plan™

The Grove9 Lean Marketing Plan™ is an essential foundation for any organization’s marketing success. We’ve used it to help dozens of Wichita nonprofits and Dallas nonprofits clarify their brands, increase their revenue, and grow their impact. Gone are the days of winging it. The Lean Marketing Plan™ is your playbook for winning. The plan includes research, goals, objectives, strategies, and action plans for growth. Most importantly, it clarifies your unique brand platform and establishes a custom set of solutions to grow your revenue and multiply your impact.

Ongoing Partnership

With the Lean Marketing Plan™ in place, we will be poised to work closely with you in achieving the goals we’ve set together. Many of our Wichita or Dallas mission-driven clients hire us to be their entire outsourced marketing department. We are their one-stop shop for all things marketing. Their growth engine and creative powerhouse. This trusted partnership allows our clients to focus on what they do best – growing the good. We’re proud to say that the average length of our marketing partnerships is over 4 years.

Strategic Consulting

Successful marketing is smart marketing, and smart marketing always starts with strategy. Our team has over 60 years of Wichita marketing and Dallas marketing expertise. Our advertising consulting services stem from a deep desire to deliver a personalized, individual plan to every client through three important components: analysis, feedback, and integration. Whether it’s website development, social media, or SEO, our strategies are customized and specifically geared toward advancing your position in the marketplace, telling your story, and increasing your impact.

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