Grove9 shares 3 Marketing Strategies with the RailTrust Mortgage team during a Brand Strategy Meeting

#1 Create cohesive customer experiences.

Customers want a personalized, tailored experience that speaks directly to them. The more personalization and relevance you demonstrate to your customer, the more effective you’ll become to them. How can you understand the needs of your customers to develop these experiences?

  • Develop customer personas, so you know exactly who your primary customers are and what drives them to buy from you over someone else.
  • Create a customer journey map. It is a visual representation of how a customer acts, thinks, and feels. You’ll be able to create customized touchpoints through each step of the buying process.  
  • Ask them. Survey your customer often. 

#2 Develop valuable content.

Customers are consuming more digital media, so companies will need to produce more of their own valuable content to compete. Ensure your content fits your customers’ lifestyles rather than persuading them to buy your product. Customers are more likely to buy from a brand that “aligns with their values” rather than a strong and well-recognized brand. By sharing blog posts, videos, photos, and more, companies can better optimize their marketing strategies for growth.

#3 Embrace agile marketing to pivot.

The past year has led companies to embrace an agile approach to marketing and build flexibility into their strategy. Companies must emphasize real-time collaboration between marketing and sales to respond easily to changing customer trends. With data regulations being rolled out state by state instead of at the U.S. federal level, companies will need to be aware of data regulation compliance in their areas and adapt. 

  • Is your website ready for the Google Analytics 4 switch coming in July 2023? 
  • How will you adapt your messaging to address your customer’s evolving experience? 

By understanding your customer, developing valuable content, and becoming more agile with your marketing, you’ll be adding three marketing strategies that will increase your brand’s value in the eyes of your customers. Do you need help turning your marketing initiatives into action?
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