Grove9 Hand written thank you card and gift for donor or client appreciation

In an era of impersonal online shopping and fast-paced lifestyles, using an old-school approach for client and donor appreciation may just be the strategy to help your brand shine brighter.

Personalized thank-you notes are often undervalued but have been slowly making a comeback by influencers who place personalized messages in their shipping packages. This is essential for your relationship-building strategy because the simple step of a hand-written note can build a solid foundation and foster your relationship for a lifetime.

Everyone likes to feel valued. Clients and donors are no different. It’s important to remember when it comes to appreciation, sincerity is the real key. If this isn’t reason enough to create your client or donor relations strategy, remember that acquiring a new client or donor can cost five times more than retaining an existing one.

Here are six tips to increase your appreciation efforts:

  • Surprise and delight at unexpected times. Did you know surprises help activate the pleasure centers of the brain? Find ways to honor your clients or donors at unexpected times. Drop off sweet treats at your client’s office or invite them to meet at their favorite coffee shop.

  • Get personal with your appreciation. Does your client or donor love dogs? Send them special dog treats or toys. For client or donor birthdays, send them a personalized card or special offer.

  • Congratulate your clients and donors. Set up Google alerts for individuals or organizations. You’ll be the first to congratulate them on their special recognition or achievement.

  • Shine the light on an active client and donor. Recognize these engaged supporters on your website or social media through a client spotlight or e-newsletter. Consider sending a thank-you gift to your donor when they give a milestone donation or reach a record number of years of support.

  • Provide giving updates. Send personalized giving reports to showcase their gift’s impact on your organization.
  • Set up personalized tours. Think outside the box and uncover unique opportunities for your best clients and donors to encounter behind-the-scenes experiences connected to your mission. It could be touring your office or a lunch-n-learn with a guest speaker.

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