Grove9 strategist Christina Bluml sharing insights with the team of empac

Marketing Tip #1 Traditional media is a viable, trusted source with massive reach.
Make sure your marketing campaign includes traditional media to feed the top of your funnel.

Marketing Tip #2 Digital advertising investment grows your leads and increases SEO.
Pay-per-click ads allow you to target your audience where they spend their time and move them to action.

Marketing Tip #3 Websites that focus on the user experience generate leads.
Invest in web design with a positive user experience (UX) and added value with forms to capture leads.

Marketing Tip #4 Search Engine Optimization is a powerhouse to drive traffic.
SEO includes numerous on-page and off-page optimizations designed to boost your ranking and drive traffic to your website.  

Marketing Tip #5 Connect to your audience through email marketing nurture campaigns.
Create different series with personalized content that builds upon each one and moves your audience to action. 

Marketing Tip #6 Know your customer through market research and polls.
Data from market research will help you make informed decisions on products, pricing, and promotion.

Marketing Tip #7 Your customer relationship should be a top strategy.
Invest in building your customer relationships through celebrations, personalized contact, and unique experiences just for them.

Marketing Tip #8 Grow your fans and listen to your audience with social media.
Develop content that has a purpose. Engage with your audience. Use social listening to understand your audience and competition.

Marketing Tip #9 Host marketing and sales events to increase conversions.
Find ways to cultivate your leads by hosting marketing/sales events such as lunch and learns, behind-the-scenes tours, open houses, or virtual events to grow conversions.

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