Which Social Network?

According to Google Trends, one of the recent-searched questions related to social media is “on which social network should you share content most frequently?”

The answer to which network seems pretty straightforward, doesn’t it? You should share content most frequently wherever your potential customers spend their time. However, you’ll want to follow these five steps to understand the best social networks for your organization.

1. Maintain a big picture on social network shifts.  You’ll want to monitor how each social media network evolves. Hootsuite compiles the top demographic data for each social network. We find it a great resource to keep informed and watch movement shifts.

2. Keep tabs on your current social media networks by visiting your social media page insights to help tailor your message and discover the best times to engage your audience.

3. Add social listening to your strategy. Social listening is tracking social media platforms for conversations related to your brand, then analyzing them for insights. It also provides valuable information on conversations your competitors are having with audiences.

4. Perform a social media audit with the following items or use a free online social media audit tool:

    • Social Media Network channel
    • Insights above
    • KPI (average growth percentage rate)
    • Engagement rate
    • SWOT of the platform
    • Potential for growth

5. Adjust your social media strategy plan. Based on your findings, create a social media content strategy and plan for each network with the right time percentage designation.

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