No pain. No gain.

Have you ever had a problem that keeps you up at night? Most likely, you did your research to find the best solution, which enabled you to get a good night’s rest again! This problem is also known in the industry as a “pain point.” Pain points are customers’ unmet needs waiting to be satisfied.

Why do pain points matter to your organization? Pain points can become your best marketing strategy or your sales team’s selling point. Once your organization understands the problem your product or service solves for your client or customer – you have just uncovered your best selling point and marketing messaging.  

How can you uncover the pain point your organization solves? First, your marketing strategy should include doing customer-focused research to help identify your customer’s pain points. You should also look at the keywords used by potential customers who self-identify they need your products and services. 

Create customer personas to understand the different pain points by customer type. Next, examining each customer type, you’ll want to determine which product or service solves their pain point best. Then pinpoint the differentiating factors of the products and services along with key messaging to position each of them as the best solution to solve those pain points.

The marketing messaging across your platforms should focus on resolving problems, answering questions, informing customers, and helping your customer envision what success would look like with your product or service. 

As a nonprofit, the pain point is the issue you are solving for our community. The impact of your program and service – is your selling point and marketing message. By focusing on your impact, you will increase giving and maximize the number of people your organization serves.

We believe your mission deserves success, and it all starts with marketing strategy. Have a question about marketing strategy? Send us an email at