Top 6 tips for a successful brand launch

Launching a new brand isn’t something you do every day – or want to do very often. In addition to the logistical challenges, the process of change can often be difficult to embrace. So, how can an organization launch a new brand well to capture maximum attention, tell their brand story clearly and powerfully, and win over those resistant to change?

Here are the top 6 tips we think every brand launch needs.

1. A clear brand platform

In a world of communication overload, it is more important than ever for brands to be hyper-focused on ONE specific idea — a single promise. Once you have identified your brand platform, every marketing and sales piece needs to communicate that idea clearly to your audience. A visual known as a brand identity mark/logo will be created to exemplify your one idea. 

Planning Tip: Develop a publications checklist of your brand touchpoints so that nothing gets overlooked or missed as you communicate your new brand platform and mark/logo.

2. A logo that embodies your brand

A well-designed branded mark/logo should be an original design that gets attention, resonates with your target audience, and, most importantly, embodies your brand platform to directly reflect the uniqueness and brand value of your company.

Registering Tip: Depending on your reach in the marketplace, you’ll want to register your brand trademark on a local, state, or federal level.

3. An internal brand launch party

It’s time to celebrate! Your internal audiences are your brand ambassadors delivering the brand promise day in and day out. You’ll want to inspire your team, share the brand vision, brand platform, brand voice, key messaging, and new brand visuals. What better way to do all of these things than with a brand launch party either virtually or in person with your employees. 

Who: Every person in your company, not just those in marketing

What: Inspire, educate, and provide brand social media items to share

How: Internal launch party  

When: Before you go public

4. An external launch plan

It’s time to share your new brand platform and visuals with your key
stakeholders and customers. You might consider teasing your audience like Apple does by using videos to create a buzz before the launch of its latest products, revealing just enough to pique fans’ interest. Or unveil your new brand to your closest customer base at a special event and prime them to be your best brand ambassadors before you go public. Or send a personalized letter to vendors. 

Who: Make a list of each key stakeholder audience

What: Inspire, educate, and provide brand social media items to share

How: External launch party, news announcement with a news release or
a personalized customer notification letter

When: Select a date for each key stakeholder audience

5. Promote and publicize with fresh content

Maximize the opportunity to keep your organization in the minds of your audience during the brand launch time period by creating fresh content and promotions. Plan out four to six weeks’ worth of social media content, blogs, and email messages to your external stakeholders. Consider running special promotions or offers for a limited time to increase enthusiasm and engagement. Find unique ways to share your brand story in a visual way.

6. Measure your success and maximize it

Gather baseline data before the rebrand on key performance indicators. Then measure them each month after the launch and compare the results. Continue measuring and making adjustments based on your findings so that you can maximize on the buzz you’ve created with your brand launch. 

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