Blue Sky Ranch

What They Do:

Blue Sky Ranch cherishes the youth at risk, autistic children, veterans or anyone struggling with issues such as anxiety, trauma, ADD, grief or stress. Their ultimate goal is to use equine therapy (therapy involving interactions between horses and patients) to rebuild and restore. Blue Sky Ranch would give testimony to how working with horses increases the confidence and healing of those who are facing mental or emotional challenges.

The Challenge:

Blue Sky Ranch teemed with potential but needed a clear brand and identity, a defined strategy and solid plan for fundraising. They needed to spread the word about their dedicated staff (and horses!) who work together to offer hope and healing to those with broken pasts, disabilities, injuries or disorders.

How We Helped:

Grove9 was honored to brainstorm a new logo/identity, tagline, website, video and fundraising strategy to spread the news of the ranch’s vision: “Horses. Hope. Healing.” The Lean Marketing Plan™ put some horsepower into forming an incredible brand and clear message. Through Grove9’s efforts, more people are aware of the amazing equine therapy available at Blue Sky Ranch for people from all walks of life.


“Thanks for all of your efforts, Justin! We are blessed to work with you.” —Tammy White, Owner Blue Sky Ranch

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