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The Challenge:

Breakthrough (formerly known as Episcopal Social Services) was looking for help creating a new name and visual identity that would strengthen its mission and better connect with its growing audience. The organization was struggling with low brand awareness, a dated image, and limited funding. They needed a website that would increase visits to their site, be informative, and generate program leads along with donations. Breakthrough also needed to expand its online social media presence to better engage audiences. 

Our Solution:

  • We conducted internal and external research to provide Breakthrough with a comprehensive overview and insights on their industry and audiences. Our marketing strategists then developed a Lean Marketing Plan™, which provided their team with a clear road map that accelerated growth, engaged new audiences, and increased impact.
  • A new brand name and identity was created to embody the “breakthrough” clients’ experience after utilizing the services. The new name was given the brand platform of faith-based empowerment, which resonated with all of their audience segments. 
  • A modern website with a powerful first impression, responsive design, SEO optimization, on-target messaging was built to generate leads for Breakthrough.
  • Our team utilized powerful breakthrough stories of empowerment and a lead-generating marketing funnel to build content messaging, grow social media, nurture leads, and engage new audiences.
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