Supersonic Aero Consulting

Supersonic Aero Consulting

What They Do:

The Supersonic Aero Consulting team provides services that cover an array of areas, including flight tests, airworthiness engineers, flight test pilots and process specialists. They take aviation seriously and believe in its worldwide impact on our future. The team approaches their business with integrity and the importance of safety.

The Challenge:

Supersonic Aero Consulting was a new, budding company with little awareness and no tools or strategies to reach their customers. They needed a brand, identity, and materials to powerfully communicate who they are and how their services can make a difference for their customers.

How We Helped:

As part of the Lean Marketing Plan™, the team performed a 360º Brand Survey™ to analyze where the organization currently stood. They focused on Supersonic Aero Consulting’s audience and developed a brand that would reach their target audience. Supersonic Aero Consulting launched its new, strategic game plan that allows customers to “Take Flight Faster.”

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