Embrace custom website

What They Do:

Embrace Wichita performs the care needed for a variety of real-life situations. They are passionate about helping both men and women through pregnancy care, education and healing enabling them to experience “Real life. Real possibilities.” https://embracewichita.org/

The Challenge:

This organization (previously called Pregnancy Crisis Center) asked Grove9 to help them create a new name and brand that was more culturally relevant and encompassed their mission of helping their clients live life to the fullest. They had fallen behind in their marketing and desired to communicate their heart for serving people in a clear and strategic way.

How We Helped:

Grove9 tackled this project with group brainstorming sessions, solid research and a plan to reinvent Embrace Wichita’s brand, logo, tagline and website. Grove9 developed the strategy and delivered the on-target approach with their Lean Marketing Plan™. The results of this challenge embarked Embrace on a new path of cultural relevance and an accurate brand to represent the services they provide.


“Thank you Justin and team. Thank you for trusting God and putting Him first. Our center will never be the same!” – Tim Quiggle, CEO Embrace